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Vintage Images That Look Bizarre Because Of Their Engrossing Backstory

Some people consider our current age as more fantastic than before. Here are old pictures that look so unusual with interesting stories.

1. USS Enterprise Savior

Here is a catapult officer who is risking his life so he can save a pilot on the USS Enterprise’s Hellcat fighter plane in 1943.

2. Soviet Gym Teacher Parade in Moscow

Here is one of the teachers in Moscow’s Soviet gym teacher’s show in 1956. Stalin created this to promote the health and physical fitness of the country.

3. Dancing Near A Cloud of Mushroom

One of the dancers is posing in front of Nevada’s nuclear arms test in the 1950s. The tests are very common making people take pictures with them.

4. Louis Armstrong in Egypt

Here is a photo of Louis Armstrong with his wife in front of Egypt’s Sphynx taken in 1961. He plays lovely music for the lady.

5. Melanie Griffith at 13-years-old lying in bed with the pet lion of her family

Melanie may have a unique upbringing, but she thinks having a pet lion is stupid and that you need a trainer when you have one.

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