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The Best SSDs for Gaming

The essential components of modern gaming rigs are SSDs. Store apps and OS on an SSD to make games load Windows boot faster.

1. Crucial MX300 525GB

The SSDs of Crucial MX300 is the first to follow the long lead of Samsung with 3D NAND on SATA. It is our top choice for SATA SSDs.

2. Samsung 850 EVO 500GB

Samsung is the only SSD manufacturer that has an operation that is in the vertical business where they own the means to produce every aspect of the product.

3. Samsung 850 Pro 512GB

Samsung is now on the top spot in this category of the best SSDs because it is the fastest consumer SATA SSD people can buy.

4. Intel 600p 512GB

Intel waded into the fray with the introduction of the 600p M.2 drive that uses the same battle plan as Crucial with SATA’s MX300.

5. SanDisk SSD 120GB Plus

One of the top manufacturers of SSDs in the world is SanDisk. It is not surprising to see them offer competition in the market of sub-$50.

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