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The Top Funniest Anime List Ever

Everyone has funny bones in different shapes making them have various senses of humor. You’ll giggle after watching these funny moments in anime.

1. My Bride is a Mermaid – Seto no Hanayome

Nothing can be weirder after a mermaid rescues you from drowning after discovering she is the daughter of a yakuza that you need to marry.

2. Gin Tama

Here is our protagonist in the feudal world of Japan who is trying to make some money in the brave new world with ridiculous and hilarious moments.

3. Under the Bridge of Arakawa

Nino, a homeless girl, saves the life of Kou and pays her back by becoming his girlfriend. Kou begins a new life underneath the Bridge of Arakawa.

4. Nichijou Danshi no Koukousei (Daily Lives of High School Boys)

Here are a group of friends who are bumbling their way through the hardships in adolescence. It is a self-aware comedy that can make you laugh so hard.

5. My Ordinary Life (Nichijou)

A simple story about the everyday life of a quiet town with a talking cat and robot is Nichijou. It has a storyline that can make the series funny.

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