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Compilation of Funniest Cats Caught on Camera Video

Here are pictures of funny-looking cats that people take at the right moment to show the rewards of chasing pet cats around with cameras.

1. Cat Hearts

These two must be partners that love each other so much because they are forming a heart with their tails. Love is in the place with these two kitties.

2. Cat Ball

Here is an amazing cat that made itself look like a ball while jumping upwards on the lawn. It sounds like it’s floating on air like an airplane.

3. Thirsty Cat

Here is a cat that is outside the garden but it looks like it is sipping cola from the window. The straw is exactly where its mouth is.

4. Cat Portrait

Here is a cat with a lovely portrait. It hides behind its painting making its tail look like it is part of the artistic drawing.

5. Elongated Kittens

Here are two kittens inside a tube that make the animal look like an elongated cat. I hope the one in the back can breathe well there.

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