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Top Amusing Games Ideas You Can Play Indoors

If you have a child, you should get pretty creative if you want to entertain them. Here are some ideas from crafty dads and moms where you need cheap supplies.

1. Building Cities

You don’t need a fancy building set for this. It is fine to use cards and popsicle sticks to make towers and boxes and blocks to make buildings.

2. Paper and pencil games

From Sprouts to Battleships, here is a list of paper and pencil games everyone should play to beat the TV during the rainy season. Gather paper and pencils for this.

3. Card games

Card games are perfect for creating hours of indoor fun and challenging young minds. Grab a box of cards and play traditional card games.

4. Magical Papa or Mama

Be the Harry Houdini of your kids by placing a coin underneath one of the three cups and shuffle them around. Ask the children to guess where is the coin.

5. Freeze When the Music Stops

Choose the kid’s favorite songs and turn up the volume. Let them dance and freeze when the music stops. They have to stay still in any position.

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