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Ultimate Design Fails in Home Decoration

Just picking what looks good when it comes to decorations and furniture may be good for anyone but there are times when people get things that look ugly.

1. Flabby Stairs

This house now has stairs in the front yard that look soft. It must have a composition of soft plastic that melted after the exposure to extreme sunlight.

2. Decoration Mashup

It must be the strangest mashup of decorations anyone will ever see in their lifetime. The dinosaur and the princess do not go well together.

3. Toilet in Shower

I think people should not use the bathroom while they are showering. The toilet may be wet most of the time because of this.

4. Scary Garden Decorations

Here are garden decorations that have crying babies’ heads on different kinds of animals. It will surely scare anyone who sees it in the backyard.

5. Too Much Duck and Goose Figurines

Here is a house whose owners are people who must love geese and ducks so much that they filled a room with ducks and geese.

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