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Hilarious Selfie Attempts that Is Miserably Failed

People who are pretending that they are happy with social media to need an angle to cover up flaws. Here are the ones who were not able to conceal them.

1. Toned Stomach with Dog Poo

Here is a lady who has a toned stomach. However, she has dog poo on the top right corner that makes the room look disgusting.

2. Selfie in Messy Room

This lady is obviously a hoarder who is not ashamed of taking a selfie that shows off the unbelievable mess inside her room.

3. Pretend Pictures

This lady is pretending that her boyfriend is sneaking pictures of her. She is obviously in dire need of a partner immediately or else she might go crazy.

4. Anal Uniform

Here is an unfortunate word spelled after a snap in the mirror. This selfie-taker is not ashamed in showing off the mess inside the room.

5. Friend in Loo

Here is one lady who does not care about her friend sitting on the loo in the shot’s background as she takes a selfie in the mirror.

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