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Celebrities Killed in Murder

A lot of people know all about the murders of celebrities like Nicole Brown Simpson, Sharon Tate, and Jon Benet Ramsey. Here are celebrity killings that you don’t know.

1. Britsh television actress Gemma McCluskie

Gemma McCluskie is a British television actress that her brother Tony killed. Her headless body got thrown in Regent’s Canal.

2. Reggae artist Peter Tosh

The founder of the Wailers is Peter Tosh who helped the rise of Bob Marley. Three armed men went into his home and shot him.

3. Italian fashion designer Gianni Versace

Gianni Versace is a famous Italian fashion designer who became the last victim of killer Andrew Cunanan. People do not know why he became a target.

4. Television presenter and English journalist Jill Dando

Someone shot Jill Dando, a television presenter and British journalist on the heat. Barry George got convicted of her murder but got acquitted in 2008.

5. Crane, Bob

The actor and radio personality who stars in Hogans Heroes is Bob Crane. He got beaten to death using a tripod camera while he was sleeping.

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