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18 Captivating Yet Prohibited Landmarks Around The World

Wherever you may be, the opportunities to explore what the world has to offer is endless. There are just so many places to see, but these on our list may be one of the most fascinating, yet entry to these exotic landmarks is forbidden.

1. RAF Menwith Hall, Harrogate HG3 2RF in the UK.

RAF Menwith is listed as the biggest electronic monitoring station in the world and serves as the primary intelligence and communication support between the US and UK. The Royal Air Force station is built with an extensive satellite ground station and acts as a communications intercept and missile warning site up to this day.

2. Bohemian Grove, Monte Rio, CA.

Unless you belong to any of these group of people, you won’t be allowed entrance to this place: someone who has an arts/musical background or is a well-acknowledged businessman or government official.

3. Coca-Cola Recipe Vault, Atlanta, GA.

Even though visitors to the site are given a tour of the vault, they only get to learn about the history behind the best-kept secret of Coca-Cola, which has been kept secret for more than 125 years now.

4. Records and letters from previous Popes, which dates back to the end of the 8th century are kept in the Secret Archive.

However, this section of the Vatican Library was made accessible only to a limited number of scholars starting the 17th century and remained closed until 1881. Today, however, more than a thousand researchers have been made accessible to this Vatican Secret Archive, Vatican City

5. Lascaux, Southwestern France.

Lascaux, which was discovered in 1940 is famous for its Paleolithic cave paintings and engravings. It is said that this cave is said to be more than 20, 000 years in existence, and keeps about 2000 figures. This complex of caves was closed to the public in 2008 to preserve the artifacts and the history that goes with it.

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