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17 Trump Biggest Businesses Failure Ended

Donald Trump bragged on his campaign website that he has a fortune higher than ten billion dollars. However, the disclosure form is only at $8.7 billion.

1. Beverages of Trump

Trump Ice is one of the spring water bottles with the purest water in the world. He trademarked it on 2004, but it never came into the market.

2. Airlines of Trump

Trump loaned 245 million dollars to purchase routes and planes of the Eastern Air Shuttle. The airline did not make enough money to cover the interest.

3. Casinos of Trump

After filing for bankruptcy for his properties in Atlantic City, he reorganized the Trump Casino Resorts and Hotels as Trump Entertainment Resorts Inc. It ended in bankruptcy.

4. Trump: The Game

Milton Bradley and Trump teamed up to create Trump: The Game. The game only sold 800,000 copies despite its flashy TV advertisement.

5. Mortgage Trump

The real-estate market started deflating despite Trump’s belief that it will become stronger. He blamed its failure on the company’s executives.

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