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16 Biggest Enormous Scandals of Donald Trump

All the things that Trump says or does can be a scandal, but they did not derail his campaign. These may have ruined his presidential campaign.

1. Discrimination Lawsuit Justice Department 1973

The Justice Department pursued a case against Donald Trump because he refused to provide rent to minorities even if they are qualified.

2. The Pyramid ACN Scheme

The ACN was a multi-level marketing company that sells a lot of products. They recruited a lot of salespeople who needed to pay $500 to join.

3. Polish Undocumented Workers

Two hundred Polish undocumented workers are involved in the construction of the Trump Tower. They did not have hard hats and slept at the site.

4. Trump University

One of the biggest scandals that affected Donald’s campaign is Trump University where students pay $35,000 for courses that have incompetent teachers.

5. The 9/11 Tweet that Offended Americans

Trump tweeted that he wants to extend his best wishes to everyone including losers and haters on September 11. It insulted a lot of people.

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